Matsumoto’s Sushi

Matsumoto is waiting for you in his own kaiten sushi restaurant, for the biggest feed of your time. Tap on sushi and eat as much sushi as you can, but watch out for the sushi that contain too much wasabi, those will stun you and everything will seems slower, pay also attention to the sushi with the puffer fish, which if had been cut badly and ate will kill you!

How much sushi will you be able to eat before you burst?!

Matsumoto’s Sushi is an Arcade game where the player will have to eat as many sushi as possible to try to make the highest score before the time is over.


– The chef will prepare the sushi, the player will have to tap, make the swipe or make more tap depending on the type of sushi prepared.

– Beware of plates with green smoke and those with the skulls, if eaten, you might not like them.

– From time to time you will have to drink green tea to swallow the bite, otherwise you will not be able to continue with your meal.

Wooden Dish Mode:

– In a random way Matsumoto will place a wooden plate on the table where he will serve sushi at very high speed, the player will have to click as fast as possible.

Air Launch Mode:

– If the player “eats” the Parfait that will appear on the conveyor belt, the chef will start throwing sushi in the air, those can be eaten.

Are you ready to make the best score?!